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"To Your Heart"
Hannah M. Fuller

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Savva Madar

Hitchcockian Film Festival
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A little about Jan Coffey... She is a senior, majoring in English with the small hope of publishing a novel some day. She has an unhealthy addiction to Dobermans and a super healthy addiction to books :)  She loves to read anything from classics, to horror, to graphic novels and plans to waste her summer away playing World of Warcraft. For the Horde!

Ash Cook is an English major at OSUM with a passion for all things artsy and fartsy. Parent of two literature-loving heathens with a zoo of animals at home, he spends whatever free time he can find reading, writing, painting, and roleplaying on a text-based MUD called DragonRealms, where he slays goblins and orcs as a cat-like humanoid. Although Ash is an out and proud member of the transgender community, he chooses not to let his trans-ness define him. Instead, he wishes that his acceptance and love for everyone be the definition of his true self, and he hopes to leave his mark on the world through these values. To know more, Ash can be reached at cook.1558@buckeyemail.osu.edu. Listening to: Sir Sly, “Nowhere” | Reading: The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood | Watching: Legion (for the third time) | Playing: DragonRealms, always | Eating: Fruit and yogurt parfait | Drinking: COFFEE... All. Damn. Day.

Hannah Fuller: Hannah considers herself a theatrical person, in her creative pursuits and in personality. Currently a middle childhood education major, she's ready to take the teaching world by storm. Or at least a well-meaning gale that encourages creativity and expression in the classroom.

Kristie Gamble: “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” - Vincent Van Gogh

Emily Hooper: I’m a Social Work student at Ohio State Marion in my sophomore year. I’m a self taught photographer.

Christy Horton is a cut-paper illustrator, miniature food sculptor, and writer. She loves to make comedic films, which you can find on her YouTube channel, ghost hunting, and watching classic, black and white movies, especially old westerns, film noir, and everything Hitchcock. She is a total nerd, and loves anything that lets her be creative, especially writing funny poems and sketches. Even though she plans to become a high school English teacher, her lifelong dream has secretly been to write for the film and television industry.

Ruksana Kabaelo is a maniac with a dream.

Savva Madar: What comes to mind when someone says "built like a Greek god"? I’m just like that but the opposite, as a friend put it: an Italian hobo. Rest assured though I am not an Italian. I tried to join the scouts once as a kid. Despite my affinity towards cookies they didn’t accept me because I “wasn’t a girl”. So as you can see my life was already headed towards disappointment. Growing up as a kid I’ve always wanted to make video games. So, when the other kids talked about who they wanted to be when they grew up I wouldn’t say anything because I was never included in the conversation. I was in the Chess club. But, had they asked I would have probably said an astronaut, race-car driver, astrophysicist, magician, or artist, you know the usual kid stuff, so I wouldn’t seem even weirder than someone who enjoyed chess club already was. But here I am with a video game on an online publication. So who’s laughing now?

Mickey Pfarr is a graduating senior at OSUM, majoring in English and Creative Writing. Despite her desperate attempts to fend off the questions, her only answer to the generic, "What will you do now?" is simply to shrug and say, "I don't know what the hell I'm doing." Mickey loves dogs, jellybeans, rescuing worms from sidewalks, scary movies, fantasy novels, and excessively fluffy animals (bonus points if they're dogs).

Maddy Roth: is a gecko fanatic that is getting her degree in Professional Writing. She spends much of her time working to rehabilitate animals, cuddling her cat and listening to her favorite Kpop groups. There is hardly a day that goes by that she hasn’t read fanfic and there are constantly stories flowing through her head that may never reach paper. Her current favorite phrase is ‘That’s quitter talk’, because she tends to try her best to see the best in situations.

John V. Rickman is currently a student at OSUM.


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