life's a peach...and then you die
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Tinfoil the Aliens (away)
iPod subvertisement
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Crystal Alford: Crystal is a mother of three, a full-time college student, part-time construction worker, and her hobbies are stained glass, painting, drawing, and jewelry making.

i'M wiTh StuPiD: The Columbus-area punk outfit had this to say about their video for "Tinfoil the Aliens (Away)": "It's a whimsical musical tale of finding your soul mate, proving that there is someone for everyone no matter how bizarre you may be."

Juicy: When asked for a brief biographical blurb, Juicy responded, "Hell, I don't know what to say about Juicy. Say Juicy likes her cat and cupcakes and lingerie. I don't know what to say." Especially alert readers will find additional poems from the collection "Lost in Cyberspace" hidden within Juicy's Hypertext "Life's a Peach...and then you die!"

Justin Glass:  Justin is twenty years old, has a three-year-old daughter, and is a second-year college student at OSU-Marion where he works as a computer lab assistant. He also assists with the Kuhn Gallery visual arts exhibitions at OSU-Marion, and plans on going to school for design and staying active in the art world. About his iPod spoof advertisement, Justin says:

I created this piece after learning that the irreplacable batteries of iPods only last about a year and a half. The gun pointed at the consumer's head creates the message "death to iPod." Juxtaposed with the ipod itself, the gun becomes a consumer product and represents ways in which many people will jump off of bridges (or in this case shoot themselves) to be cool, thus creating the message "death from iPod."  In addition, the image can represent the death of the musician from the creation of file sharing programs; Rise of the pocket DJ, or the fall of the music biz.

Rita Rich: Rita Rich is a hellcat hiding out in the Midwest. Her writing has appeared in Verse, Quick Fiction, and DSQ. She dispenses sex advice at adviceweekly.com.