positively perfect
benjamin claymier
character models
samantha england, ameena elsheik-lawarre
"remember that time we drank six cups of coffee?" (a photonarrative)
emma kroon van diest

Benjamin Claymier writes, ""My name is Benjamin James F. Claymier. I grew up with mom and dad (Therese and Robert, respectively) in Delaware Ohio, along with younger brother Paul. I'm currently a junior English major at The Ohio State University main branch. I first got the idea for making comics since I was introduced to Batman way back when as a boy. Realizing quickly that I couldn't draw for crap, I turned to making photo comics, but not before some crap about wanting to be a teacher or other. But seriously (as I can be) I would love to be a teacher some day, professor of English to be exact, and not saying this to kiss up to those who may read it." More of Ben's comics can be found on his blog Positively Perfect.

Emma Kroon Van Diest writes, "I aspire to be great; you should too."

Samantha England is a recent OSU-M graduate in English who writes and illustrates comics and pens fan fiction.

Ameena Elsheik-Lawarre is an Arts major currently attending OSU-M.

Levi Rhodebeck writes, "I am a full-time student in the Interactive Media Program, jointly enrolled in Marion Technical School and The Ohio State University of Marion.  I am greatly interested in writing, art, photography, and computer technology and hope to follow a career path involving these skills. In my free time I enjoy writing, recording, and listening to music (mainly guitar), which I will hopefully incorporate into my occupation as well."

Most of the photographers whose work is included in our "Lightbox" section were students in the Art 300 Digital Photography course taught by Mary Fahy, who again deserves a special note of thanks for encouraging her students to submit.