positively perfect
benjamin claymier
"rhetoric of deceit"
dennis millisor
"bite the curb " (a photonarrative)
brandon walker

Benjamin Claymier writes, "I'm an English major with high hopes of someday being a writer (don't we all?). I've been making comics since I was little, but only recently started doing it seriously, if you call what I do serious, that is. If you want to see the 'magic' in action, go to --> <http://positivelyperfect.blogspot.com/>."

St. Dennis Millisor is currently working on an English degree and building an empire at www.dennismillisor.com (coming soon!!!).  During his twenty-five years of being allowed to live, he has aged sixty years and coined the phrase "oh, no you di-in'!"  He enjoys theology, very really truly good music, and being Dennis Millisor.  For more information, visit www.dennismillisor.com (coming soon... seriously though, it's coming soon... not like tomorrow-soon, but it'll be here before you know it, and that's pretty soon... I think it is anyways).  Oh yeah, and that wasn't him on Yo!  MTV Raps that one time; I don't know who that was.

Brandon Walker writes, "I am a family member, a friend, a student and an addict (of video games, music, photography and 'good times')."

David Nicol writes, "I’m in the business management program at Marion Technical College. I enjoy art and photography. Photography is such a great hobby of mine. I have been taking pictures for a long time and I enjoy sharing my photos to everyone."

Meredith A.S. Partipilo: "I'm an Interactive Media student at MTC and this is my third year in the course. I will be going into Criminal Justice soon and I enjoy being creative with poetry, drawing, and writing stories." 

Jill Valentine is a stressed-out, overworked, and obviously underpaid senior of OSU Marion.  Needless to say, she contributed, but has nothing useful to say about herself for contributor's notes.  If you see her around campus and she has that nervous twitch, back away slowly and you might be safe.

Tabitha Albright (formerly Tabitha Clark) says, “Call me Ishmael.  No, wait – Call me Tabs.”

Ashley Richards is a pawn working her way across the chessboard, determined to be a queen.

Pam Copper: "I am married to a wonderful man named Bob. We have two children, Jim (he is taking online classes to get his business degree) who is married to Soni (Soni is also been nominated for teacher of the year at Mansfield) and are going to give us our first grandchild in July and Tristan, who is doing her student teaching now. Tristan hopes to be a teacher soon. We enjoy photography and riding our Harley. After working the past 22 years at Baja Marine in Bucyrus, Baja closed their doors last June and I have been going to school since then. I am enjoying the schooling and have found that you are never to old to learn a new profession."

Danielle Dick is a student attending OSU-Marion.

Christy Culver is an associate professor of information technologies at Marion Technical College. She holds a M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction with emphasis in computer education. She has exhibited her photography as part of juried show at the Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery at OSUM.  She stated, “My images are captured with no extra equipment at the time of the shot.  However, the last few years the influence of digital options has allowed me to travel different manipulative image paths.  My digital enhancements are applied after the shot, and I only apply one effect.  Embracing the new technology and instant gratification of the image just captured is rewarding.  The hours engrossed in experimenting with software and different techniques remind me it only takes one effect to change the viewpoint.  As an educator I know how true this can be from photography to the classroom when it all ‘clicks.’”

Levi Rhodebeck: "I am a second year student in the Interactive Media Program, jointly enrolled in Marion Technical School and The Ohio State University of Marion.  As a lifelong artist, photography has increasingly become my preferred medium, and I hope to take it to the next level as a serious occupation."

SLHoward knows that she lacks self motivation, but can't find the motivation to do anything about it. She currently lives in her own little world with her husband and their small, but mighty, animal army.

Kelcee McCurdy writes, "I am currently finishing up my degree in Software Development at Marion Tech. I should have my degree finished by the winter of '10. In the spring of '09, I will be starting classes at OSUM. I will be majoring in business. I am working at Blue Fusion Entertainment as a front desk employee, and I am going to be doing an internship there. I will be helping the marketing department with the website and a few other things."

Many of the photographers whose work is included in our "Lightbox" section were also students in the Art 300 Digital Photography course taught by Mary Fahy, who again deserves a special note of thanks for each year encouraging her students to submit The Cornfield Review.


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