The Milkshake Maker
Amanda Martin

Terwiliger & Sons
Eric Mosley and Jill Valentine

The Lady: Beyond Camelot
Deb Noll


Jessica Fair writes, "Profession: I wrap your Chipotle burrito. 'Idk how people watch crap like The Hills; it's like brain cells committing suicide'--S.M. Foxbower."

Melissa Lester is part of the OSUM family and has had a lifelong love affair with photography. One day she hopes to have enough money for a real camera. She would gladly accept donations for her camera fund. Currently, she's a Junior majoring in Sociology.

Amanda Martin is a recent graduate of OSU, aspiring for world domination. Her back up plan if that fails is a career in writing or photography. You can see her gallery at http://andraiatower.deviantart.com/

Kristin Mihoci writes, "I am a nursing major with a minor in English. I have a passion for writing and reading and try to find inspiration for my work in the natural world around me."

Deb Noll is a "Non-traditional still learning to live and living to learn. Reared in southern Ohio, graduated from Edgewood High School in 1973, moved to Columbus in '76, married a Pennsylvanian in '82, gave birth to a son in '84, worked  for 35 years before entering OSU Marion in fall 2008. Finding ways to put smiles on peoples' faces makes me happy!"

Olivia Varney spent much of her childhood pouring over beautifully illustrated books of fairy tales, myths, and Native American legends, as well as listening to the countless stories her father wrote for her. By the age of nine she had begun
writing her own stories, and at fourteen she discovered poetry, and fell instantly in love. She can generally be found tucked away in a corner reading, or online at http://mykingdombythesea.blogspot.com.

Many of the photographers whose work is included in our "Lightbox" section were also students in the Art 300 Digital Photography course taught by Mary Fahy, who again deserves a special note of thanks for each year encouraging her students to submit The Cornfield Review.


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