The Milkshake Maker
Amanda Martin

Terwiliger & Sons
Eric Mosley and Jill Valentine

The Lady: Beyond Camelot
Deb Noll


Hola! It's the 2010 edition of the Cornfield Review: Online--welcome to it! Our fetching little corner of the web specializes in creative work in the areas of digital media, graphic design, illustration, writing, and photography. Although submissions tend to come from students, staff, and faculty from the OSU Marion and Marion Technical College campus, we're interested in showcasing the work of area artists and writers from all over the Central Ohio region (so send in yours today!).

This edition brings with it an engaging hodge-podge of items, sure to tickle, amuse, concern, and possibly generate an entire chaotic spectrum of emotional responses. Foremost among the group is Amanda Martin's "The Milkshake Maker ," a cryptic, noirish photo-narrative that hints at the sinister side of an otherwise unassuming retro diner. Eric Mosley and Jill Valentine collaborated on a spoof radio commercial for the fictional funeral home Terwiliger & Sons, and come away with a pitch-perfect product. Deb Noll's "The Lady: Beyond Camelot" is a literary and visual treat, an Illustrated Classics-style text paying homage to Tennyson's Victorian ballad, "The Lady of Shallott."

A perennial favorite, our Lightbox section is chock-full of wonderful digital photography and artwork emanating primarily from the talent pool you know as the OSU Marion/MTC campus. As budgetary constraints hinder our ability to print much of our strong submissions in color, CR: Online is the go-to destination for your RGB fix.

We encourage you to send us any questions, feedback, requests, suggestions, or even submissions that you might have.  Feel free to contact Ben McCorkle, via email (that's always the easiest), at mccorkle.12@osu.edu.


Ben McCorkle
Faculty Adviser/Editor

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