Space Oddity (Sweded)
Dennis Millisor & zach wheeler

First Dates
Sarabeth Mull

Highway to Hell
Mark Tomsic


Dennis Millisor: I don’t even think that this is real. It’s probably just another one of those online scams, where you send in some information and then receive a bill or something. Do you know who I am? Do you know what I’ve done? I have killed animals, and I have eaten their meat. I have toiled against the ground, and I have tasted its fruit. I have fought wars, erected monuments, and I am building an online empire at www.DennisMillisor.com. So, yeah...there ya go.

My name is Sarabeth Mull. I am a sophomore English major at OSUM and I love to write: “Let’s meet at a bar because I have this idea, and I’ll tell it to you and you can tell me it’s a lousy idea, and we’ll agree that it’s a terrible idea, but at least we’ll be at a bar, and it will be less awkward and the whole evening won’t be a complete waste.”—Daniel Handler

My name is Terrahl Del Taylor. I'm currently a business major with a minor on threatre. I focus on landscape and architectual photography. I freelance with many different companies with graphic design and family/senior photos. Once day I hope to open my own studio in NYC.

My name is Mark Anthony Tomsic and I am from Columbus, Ohio. Currently, I am majoring in social work and aspire to have a successful career helping others with addictions and providing clients with a stable support system. My other goal in life is to get married and have a beautiful and healthy family. I want to be the best husband to my future wife and the best father a child could ask for. I cherish the fact that I am different from other individuals in my age range. My distinctions have led me to experience many events and appreciate varieties of culture, writing, film/theatre, photography, and art. Photography is an outlet that allows me to loosen the concealed part of my personality that opposes social norms of society and provide laughter and provoke thought. My favorite films include, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?, Erin Brockovich, Forest Gump, and Little Miss Sunshine.

zach wheeler: english major, professional writing minor. likes art, graphic design, music, and poetry.

Many of the photographers whose work is included in our "Lightbox" section were also students in the Art 300 Digital Photography course taught by Mary Fahy, who again deserves a special note of thanks for each year encouraging her students to submit The Cornfield Review.


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