Losing My Religion
Christopher J. Tkach

Film Trilogy
Deb Noll


Arika Baker: Arika Baker is a senior majoring in English and Psychology. She enjoys writing poetry and fiction, capturing the world and life events through the camera's lens, reading, horseback riding, kayaking and all other adventurous endeavors. She hopes to gain acceptance to The Ohio State University's Masters of Occupational Therapy program and have a lifelong career helping others.

Jordan Blanton, cowgirl at heart, sends her photos from Cardington, Ohio. Aside from pursuing a degree at Marion Technical College, she devotes much of her time to helping out at the Marion and Morrow County dog shelters, organizations for which she has much passion. Jordie, as her friends know her, prides herself on her knack with a camera, her kind and always generous heart, and being able to eat more than most grown men.

April Evans is really into photography and has been for years. She enjoys traveling around the world, gardening, long walks with her dog, bike rides with her daughter and shopping. Her favorite singers are Owl City and Bob Marley. She also enjoys good zombie flicks! You can check out her other photos at: facebook.com/evansfineartphotography!

Austin King: a writer, a king, a brother, a singer. Oh, I also like to read and drink coffee.

Hi, my name is Brittany Violet Long. I would love to be called Violet, but every time I’ve tried this in the past, it doesn’t work out too well because I simply can’t remember to respond when being called Violet. So, you can call me Brittany. I would like to thank my extremely cool but over protective parents for always supporting me in every aspect of my life; if it wasn’t for them, I would have never been able to find the time to create. I would like to thank my Uncle Ron for being an amazing next door neighbor and editor. I would like to thank Garrusdon Davidson for providing me with endless inspiration that has thrived from my delusional love for the boy. I would also like to thank my dog, Bear, for always being cute and listening to the repetitive recitation of my work read aloud. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my art.

Deb Noll, 2012 graduate of OSU at Marion. Whether you reach for the stars or for your dreams, reaching for something is more rewarding than reaching for nothing. Dreams can come true; keep the faith and forge ahead--one step at a time!

Chris Tkach: My bio is unconventional. After graduating from a science and technology magnet high school just outside of Los Angeles in 2001, I joined the US Marine Corps and served for four years,ending my service in 2005. I spent nearly a year in Iraq in 2003-2004, then returned to marry my wife. I got out of the Marine Corps at her urging as she was joining the Air Force, the first duty station being Kessler AFB in Biloxi Mississippi, where I got to enjoy hurricane Katrina and all the destruction that she brought with her (including our house). After that, we were sent to South Carolina where I began working as a Firefighter/EMT, and we divorced. I spent 6 years in the South, ending last year when my girlfriend and I moved to Ohio; she had just graduated with her Mechanical Engineering degree from USC and had gotten a job at Honda R&D. She and I live together now and have matching Toyota Supra Drift cars that we race. Sadly, not everything has been wonderful over the past year as my mother passed away after a year-long battle with terminal cancer. My shoulder was damaged while in the Marine Corps and has been steadily getting worse (I keep pushing off surgery). As this causes me great pain I no longer work Fire, just EMS now. In November I shall turn 30 and I am planning on transferring to OSU to pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree as well.

Sheree Whitelock: Life is a ferris wheel. Backwards, forwards, up, or down it's a journey we all go around. Listen Love, and take my hand. Open your eyes, it will all be alright.

I'm Kate Volk, I see art everywhere I look and I'm obsessed with "Alice in Wonderland"! I love everything Photoshop has to offer, and will use it to my advantage! :) Visit my site at: katherinevolk.weebly.com


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