The Exorcist (poster)
Liam Saylor

“Mostly Normal”
Joshua Sands

“Esther: The Early Years”
Nate Larsen


Kortnie Brown: I'm a small town girl from Mount Gilead. I am an Adviser on the Morrow County Junior Fair Board, and I am a Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts. I am a Social Work major.

English major Halley Buchwalter just graduated from OSU.

I am Jherek Cummings, an English major student at Ohio State University in Marion, Ohio. Writing poems and stories is a fun hobby for me along with learning how to play various musical instruments. My English studies is helping me become a better writer and this new knowledge will be useful when I create my poems, short stories, music, and film. School is cool and hard work and I am glad to have experienced all the studies at Ohio State University.

Kelcee Daniels: “I'm currently finishing up my degree in Business & Economics. I will be graduating in December 2013. I just married my wonderful husband, Ryan, in September. We have a beautiful puppy named Navi that we added to our family in October of 2012. I want to thank my family and friends for all of their love and support over the past year!”

Timothy Giles: Creating somber, dream-state poetry and various fractions of fiction ever since the burning on the bridge. I do not claim to be a good singer, but if anyone wants to get together to play some good ol' guitar together, let me know, and we will jam. Or Nintendo. If anyone wants to play some good ol' Nintendo together, let me know.

Mariam Hellalat is currently a sophomore majoring in Biology/Pre-dental.

Spanning from the mysterious mind of Hitchcock and the artistically blunt John Ford, to modern masters of visuals Zack Snyder and Baz Luhrmann, Nate Larsen's inspiration and adoration has only grown since he left high school, desiring a career in the realm of digital media. If he isn't filming or taking pictures, he's bound to be playing piano or obsessing over pugs.

Mandy (Lewis) Lucero: Tomorrow is today, and yesterday came to stay. I have defeated many days, and my past has gone away. I took snapshots of time stood still, to show the world my views. Some bright, some scary, some confusing, yet all showing a little piece of myself. Look closely and you might get a glimpse of me.

The name is Brittany Violet Long. I am a senior who enjoys taking long walks through the woods, writing poetry and hula hooping. I should have graduated by now, but I simply just can’t get myself to leave the magnificent and educational confines of The Ohio State University. For the time being, however, I excitedly plan to continue taking awesome English classes with Rad teachers like Stuart Lishan, while buying myself some extra time to decide what I really want to do with my life. (I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to make a living off of hula hooping bare-footed in my backyard while thinking up sweet lines of poetry.)

Drew Lynch is a student at Columbus State
Community College.

My name is Abigail Noblet and I'm from Sunbury, Ohio. My major is Psychology and I hope to become a Christian Counselor in the future :)

Liam Saylor: 22, ex-graphic design major, transfer.

Joshua Sands: Engineer by trade, filmmaker by the hand of destiny. With a father who graduated from The Ohio State University in Cinematography, there was no question that film was in this boy's DNA. With an odd outlook on the smallest of things, the most mundane can be turned into epics. No other project is this more evident than Mostly Normal. Would you think two ice cream schools and a hand-crank blender would make for weapons in an action short? Joshua Sands did; enjoy.

I'm Meg Weatherford, I'm 21-years-old, and I don't really have anything interesting to say about myself. I'm not exactly good at writing these... things, so this is the best I got. Thumbs up. :)

Brian Wilds is a busy, busy fellow.



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