The Exorcist (poster)
Liam Saylor

“Mostly Normal”
Joshua Sands

“Esther: The Early Years”
Nate Larsen


Congratulations! You’ve successfully landed in that little corner of the Web that we fondly refer to as Cornfield Review: Online. This is the 2013 edition, and this particular curated collection includes a handful of awesome. First up is our regular Lightbox feature, which includes a collection of aesthetically evocative artwork and photography primarily from OSUM, MTC, and CSCC-Delaware students. Joshua Sands’ short digital film “Mostly Normal” is a tour de force of cinematic grammar and action film tropes; after watching it, you’ll never see thrift stores the same way again. Nate Larsen's excellent short digital profile "Esther: The Early Years" is a beautifully shot and edited piece, a testament to how creative workarounds (e.g., opting not to show the interview subject, instead focusing on scenes and objects relevant to the narrative) made for a more impactful end result that the original vision. Finally, Liam Saylor's minimalist fan poster for The Exorcist is a wonderful example of how to capture the essence of a full-length film in the most graphically economical way possible. This piece, incidentally, won the 2013 OSU Marion Digital Media Composition Award.

CR: Online showcases creative work in the areas of digital media, graphic design, illustration, writing, and photography. Although most of our submissions come from students, staff, and faculty situated on the OSU Marion and Marion Technical College campus, we're interested in showcasing the work of area artists and writers from all over the Central Ohio region. We encourage you to send us any and all of your questions, feedback, requests, suggestions, and especially submissions. Feel free to contact Ben McCorkle via email at mccorkle.12@osu.edu.


Ben McCorkle
Faculty Adviser/Editor



The photograph "Waterlilies," which appears in the 2013 issue of the print version, is incorrectly attributed. The photographer is Kelcee L. Daniels. We regret the error, and have included an updated pDF of the page in our online archive, located here.

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