Literacy Narrative
Amanda deJonge

“The Journey"
Megan Russell

DCHA Audio Spot
Oscar Smith

“Get Ben to GWAR"
Joshua Sexton


Zoe Bright: I am always looking beyond conforming to the normal, moving from concept to reality. Trained in human anatomy and physiology, but intrigued by the environment which encompasses us all. Efforts to capture a glimpse and bring meaning cause us to pause and, for that moment, enjoy.

Amanda deJonge: I'm just a small town girl with big city dreams. I crave intellect, I fall in love with fictional characters, and I have an undying determination to inspire.

James P. Fairchild: Junior majoring in Ag Communication with minor in AgBusiness in the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences.

Brittany Violet Long: What inspires me? That’s the question I’m always trying to answer. Sometimes it’s quiet musings carried on the wind. Sometimes it’s the voice of reason nagging at my gut. Sometimes it’s my nightmares choking me awake. Sometimes it’s the heartache that leaves me in agony. Sometimes it’s his warm breath on my bare neck. Sometimes it’s the overwhelming joy I feel in my soul. Sometimes it’s the raw emotion that thrives on love. Sometimes it’s a nostalgic song on the radio. Sometimes it’s the way the sun gleams through trees. Sometimes it’s the tiny miracles you notice on a whim. Sometimes it’s an idea you never want to lose. And sometimes, it’s the lack of inspiration that inspires. Now, tell me, what inspires you?

Shannon Maynard: Ohio State University Student. Social work major.

Kevin Nguyen is a student at OSUM.

McKinley Roll is a student at OSUM.

Hi! I'm Megan Russell. I am a second year student an am currently undeclared, but considering majoring in Geography and/or International Studies. Although my studies focus more on the social sciences, i have a creative and artistic side as well. I enjoy drawing, painting, and singing. I have incorporated all of these aspects of art somehow in this stop-motion whiteboard piece. I put a lot of thought and effort into this video, so I hope you all enjoy "The Journey."

Oscar Smith began making music in 2009. Since then, his music has been included in commercials, YouTube tutorials, and he has been featured in a studio album. In his free time, Oscar is pursuing his degree in business at Columbus State Community College in Delaware.

Joshua Sexton is a family man and tech enthusiast who dabbles in graphic design and game development. His moto: “Play games.”

Jasmine Wright is a student at OSUM.


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