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Greetings, interwebz travellers! This is the 2016 edition of CR:online—welcome to it. Even if you clicked this link by mistake, you should definitely hang out here for awhile… just bask in the awesome and take it all in.

As usual, we present our regular Lightbox feature, which includes a collection of artwork and photography primarily from OSUM and MTC students. This year's Digital Media Composing Award winner is featured here as well: Hannah Fuller’s short 18, an artful reflection on the pressure, isolation, and general sturm und drang associated with being a college student—it’s set to Stravinsky’s powerful composition “The Rite of Spring.” Also, Alexandria Claar gets all Serial on us with a riveting podcast, a nuanced personal reflection on learning that her childhood chess coach had recently been arrested on molestation charges. The piece is sure to enthrall, and we’ve even included two updates to the story. Quality stuff, all.

CR: Online showcases creative work in the areas of digital media, graphic design, illustration, writing, and photography. Although most of our submissions come from students, staff, and faculty situated on the OSU Marion and Marion Technical College campus, we're interested in showcasing the work of area artists and writers from all over the Central Ohio region. We encourage you to send us any and all of your questions, feedback, requests, suggestions, and especially submissions. Feel free to contact Ben McCorkle via email at mccorkle.12@osu.edu.


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