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"To Your Heart"
Hannah M. Fuller

Untitled Art Game
Savva Madar

Hitchcockian Film Festival
Various, curated by Catherine Braun


Welcome to the 2017 edition of CR:Online. Congratulations! You have arrived safely at your destination.

In addition to our longstanding Lightbox feature, which includes a collection of artwork and photography primarily from OSUM and MTC students, we've got handful of other goodies for you to experience. This year's Digital Media Composing Award winner is featured here as well: Savva Madar's impactful Untitled Art Game will have you contemplating the futility of existence (the atmospherics in this game convey a quiet, melancholy beauty). Hannah Fullerís charming and romantic short  film "To Your Heart" is the latest in this multi-talented filmmaker's oeuvre. Also, this year we bring you a special session, curated by Fellow English faculty Katie Braun: a Hitchcockian Film Festival featuring work by the likes of  Andrea Dean, Christy Horton, Sam Lodge, Samantha Young, Erin Rhoades, Armani Borden, Ruth Albright, and Anishi Patel.

CR: Online showcases creative work in the areas of digital media, graphic design, illustration, writing, and photography. Although most of our submissions come from students, staff, and faculty situated on the OSU Marion and Marion Technical College campus, we're interested in showcasing the work of area artists and writers from all over the Central Ohio region. We encourage you to send us any and all of your questions, feedback, requests, suggestions, and especially submissions. Feel free to contact Ben McCorkle via email at mccorkle.12@osu.edu.


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