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Untitled Art Game
Savva Madar

Hitchcockian Film Festival
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Savva Madar, Untitled Art Game

Winner of the 2016-17 OSU Marion Digital Media Composition Award


This game-as-art concept, composed in Unity WebGL, was produced as part of Ben McCorkle's Fall 2016 Digital Media Composing course (English 2269).


The project came about when it was announced that we could do anything and I immediately knew I wanted to build a game. Now the idea behind the game actually came about from my French literature class. More or less that whole class was spent talking about the absurdity and meaningless of life. Thatís sort of what my game is about. Itís meaningless and playing it is absurd as it really is just a time waster. But there is a deeper message behind it. The game canít be beat and has no ending. So a player would keep walking in the game forever and as long as they walk the player lives. Assuming players donít know that the game canít be beat they live for only as long as they have hope. If a player knows the game canít be beat then the only logic move is not play. If thatís not saying something then I donít know what is. The game was originally supposed to take in a summer time environment but I felt that the cold would better represent the harshness of life and it was also more holiday related. Also originally the main character was supposed to be just a man walking but I felt it wasnít emotional enough. So I made the man into a woman. I then went into overkill mode and gave her infant to carry in her hands. Then I also ripped up her dress to make it seem like sheís been through a lot and this is the final stretch for her and her infant.

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